Hostgator Australia

hostgator australiaHostgator is one of the best-known web hosting providers in the world. Whether you have your own website or not, you would have heard of Hostgator Australia, a top choice for hosting locally.

Hostgator is based in the US. However, the company is adept at offering hosting services internationally.

The brand’s US packages are known for their affordability. The rates in Australian dollars are also quite cheap.

Does Bluehost work well in Australia?

Hostgator is highly recommended for new website owners. The provider’s shared hosting plans are extremely valuable. They offer a variety of plans that will likely benefit bigger websites as well.

Hostgator does indeed work well in Australia. In fact, many Australians pick hostgator as their primary hosting provider.

Unfortunately Hostgator does not have hosting servers located in Australia.

This service provider has a number of notable recommendations in the US. They are known for their excellent customer support services as well.

Read below to learn more about Hostgator’s plans, prices, and how your Aussie website may benefit from this service:

Hostgator Plans on Offer

Hostgator’s most popular plans are in the shared server domain. The company offers pay-per-month shared hosting plans with dirt-cheap starting prices. The basic shared hosting plan costs less than $5 locally.


Here is a list with all Hostgator hosting plans:

1. Shared Hosting Plans

This provider offers both Linux and Windows-based shared hosting plans. The cheapest packages are well-suited for novice webmasters with sites that are yet to take off.

The company offers more advanced shared hosting packages—with more bandwidth, storage, and the works— for small to medium-sized businesses. These plans start at around $10 a month.

hostgator au

On a sombre note, Hostgator does prompt customers to sign up for long-term, annual plans. If you want a business-grade shared hosting plan, you may have to sign a three-year contract.

2. VPS Hosting Plans

VPS hosting plans are mostly suitable for users who want to move up from shared hosting, but can’t afford dedicated hosting yet. Hostgator’s VPS plans are quite popular and cost around $20 a month. That’s not awfully expensive compared to plans offered by similar brands.

The cheapest VPS plan from Hostgator comes with 120GB of storage, 1.5TB monthly data transfer, and 2GB of RAM. Data transfer is not free and Hostgator would charge you extra for it. However, the cost of data transfer goes down significantly when you sign up for their annual plans.

Hostgator’s advanced VPS plans offer up to 3TB of data transfer, 240GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM. All in all, these specs are quite good.

Potential customers should be aware that Hostgator offers VPS plan only for Linux-based servers. There are no Widows-based servers offered in the VPS section.

3. Dedicated Hosting Plans

You will be able to get your own server with dedicated hosting plans. These packages are ideal for business sites of all sorts that want to keep adding more traffic without running into speed issues.

As with most dedicated server plans, Hostgator plans are a bit expensive. Plans start close to $150 a month. For that price, you will get 1TB of SSD storage, unlimited monthly data transfers, and 32GB of RAM.

The company offers both Linux and Windows dedicated plans too. Most dedicated packages are Linux flavoured, so this comes as a refreshing perk.

4. Cloud Hosting Plans

Hostgator offers remarkable cloud hosting plans that are worth looking at. Cloud hosting, where your website will be connected to a network of virtual servers, offers benefits such as exceptional speed compared to traditional servers.

The company offers Linux-only cloud hosting plans at attractive costs. The most basic cloud hosting plan is quite affordable at around $15 a month. The basic specs include unlimited data storage, 2GB of RAM, a free domain name, and two processors to ensure speedy data transfer. Advanced plans offer higher RAM, storage capacity, and multiple domain support.

Hostgator – Questions and Answers

Does Hostgator offer wordpress hosting?

Yes, hostgator offers a simple 1 click wordpress installation via cpanel. It’s so easy, even my grandma can install WordPress now

Does Hostgator offer unmanaged VPS hosting?

No, however they offer managed VPS hosting for a relatively cheap price.

What is Hostgators Australian contact information?

They don’t have offices in Australia, but you can call them any time from Australia using this number: 00+1-713-574-5287. You also have the option to contact them via email or live chat.

Hostgator GST Australia? Do they charge Goods and Service Tax ?

With every service you buy, you have to pay GST. Hostgator charges the standard 10% GST to Australians.

Setup, Speed, Uptime and Other Perks

Hostgator guarantees top-notch uptime results. The brand’s uptime guarantee is well above 99.9%. However, customers should note that uptimes may vary depending on the plan they choose and other factors on sites.

Uptime is nearly 100% guaranteed for cloud and dedicated hosting plans. But uptimes with shared hosting can be a bit shaky. Hostgator offers a superb uptime guarantee even for shared hosting plans.

Hostgator plans are highly small business-friendly as well. The company offers a bunch of tools for e-commerce from its Mojo Marketplace.

You can subscribe for mass email tools like Dada Mail for as little as $40 a year. Tools like the ZenCart, phpCOIN, and SugarCRM come at affordable prices. The Hostgator suite even has a built-in HTML editor to facilitate ease of use.

New users will be delighted to find that Hostgator has a drag-and-drop interface for building a website. You can even get e-commerce tools with this feature.

Hostgator offers 24/7 customer service for clients worldwide. The easiest way to reach the company is via live chat. Australian customers will be happy to know that they can reach Hostgator during local business hours.

The Bottom Line

Hostgator is an excellent web hosting service that Australian customers should consider. The brand’s strongest point is affordability. You don’t have to pay much at all for Hostgator’s shared hosting plans.

The service provider offers a mix of Windows and Linux-based hosting. Some plans, like the shared one, offer both. But for certain plans like their cloud and dedicated hosting plans, only one is available.

Despite the low rates Hostgator offers, they guarantee excellent uptimes for customers. Independent testing has shown that Hostgator is highly reliable.

Here are the major perks of using Hostgator:

  1. Highly affordable
  2. Both Windows and Linux offerings available
  3. Plenty of e-commerce tools included
  4. Advanced packages have unlimited storage or data transfer
  5. Suitable for novice users
  6. Excellent uptime guarantee

Here are the cons of using Hostgator:

  1. No servers based in Australia
  2. The company may prompt you to buy long-term annual plans
  3. Some plans are Linux only
  4. Data transfer costs extra

Overall, Hostgator remains one of the best web hosting providers in the world for Australian customers. Customers can benefit from its many perks, such as a wide range of plans and site building tools. Hardly any other web hosting provider beats Hostgator for its shared hosting plans. The company is highly responsive to customer complaints as well. Though Hostgator is not based in Australia, locals can certainly depend on this web hosting service for a great service.