Siteground Australia

siteground australia logoIf you ask what the best web hosting service is for locals, most Australians would say Siteground Australia. The international hosting company is easily one of the most popular providers in Australia.

Using Siteground in Australia

Siteground is equally popular in the US and Australia. The company was founded in 2004 and has since grown in size with multiple data centres around the world.

Hosting providers often focus on an audience base for their plans. Usually, web hosts offer plans geared either at businesses for generic users. Siteground offers well-rounded plans that address the needs of both groups.

You may have seen users praising the great features of Siteground. However, the brand is not without its drawbacks. Read on to find out about the advantages and downsides of using Siteground to host an Australian website.

Siteground Plans on Offer

Siteground plans come with 24/7 customer support and a money-back guarantee. If you want to unsubscribe from a plan for any reason, Siteground will return your money in 30 days.

Like most hosting companies, Siteground offers a selection of plans for different types of web hosting technologies. There are basic and advanced plans under each with varying prices that you can choose from.

Here are all Siteground hosting plans, available to Australians:

1. Shared Hosting Plans

The cheapest plans offered by Siteground are in the shared hosting category. You can nab a basic Siteground shared hosting plan for as low as around $10 a month. These plans may not be the most affordable around, but they are reliable and come with loads of features.

Siteground allows users to pay for shared hosting on a monthly basis (pay monthly hosting). It doesn’t do this with all other plans. You can choose to sign up for their annual plans as well. If you choose the one-month free trial plan, you will be automatically signed up for an annual plan once the trial expires.

The basic Siteground shared hosting plan has 10GB of storage and unlimited email. This plan can support a site with about 10,000 visitors a month.

The advanced shared hosting plans offer many other perks, such as a free SSL certificate for a year, backup storage for 30 copies of the site, and CloudFlare support. Bigger plans can support a site with over 30,000 visitors a month.

One of the most interesting benefits Siteground offers is that you can choose the location of the data centre you want. The company has a number of data centres in Europe, the US, and, of course, the Asia Pacific region. The company doesn’t have servers in Australia, but there’s a data centre in Singapore, which is close enough.

Considering how most web hosts have data centres located in the US, a server in Singapore assures Australian clients a speedy and reliable service, even for notoriously unreliable shared hosting plans.

2. Cloud Hosting Plans

Siteground has added a new cloud hosting system, based exclusively on Linux systems. Unfortunately, Windows cloud hosting is not available.

With cloud hosting, your website is kept online by a vast network of virtual servers connected via the internet (the aforementioned “cloud.”) Cloud hosting is notably more reliable than other forms of hosting. It’s quite fast too.

They even have super cacher in the cpanel. This feature will make your website faster.

Siteground’s cloud hosting plans offer storage starting from 40GB, RAM capacity starting from 4GB, and data transfer starting from 5TB. The cheapest plans cost close to $100 a month. All cloud plans include a free SSL security certificate for a year.

The cloud hosting plans are expensive compared to certain other offerings. However, there are other perks the web host offers that make the purchase worthwhile.

3. Dedicated Hosting Plans

Siteground offers a number of dedicated hosting plans. These plans aren’t cheap and the starting price is over $200 per month.

The dedicated hosting plans are best-suited for business websites that need to handle a lot of traffic and can afford the hefty price tag. Siteground’s dedicated plans are similar to cloud hosting, but you will get more disk space and RAM capacity per plan.

4. Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller hosting is for customers who want to use the server space they buy to host third-party websites. Siteground offers a number of reseller hosting plans for businesses and entrepreneurs.

The advantage of reseller hosting is that you don’t have to buy the necessary infrastructure to benefit from renting out server space. Siteground takes care of all that.

The company’s reseller plans are particularly attractive. You would have to purchase the plans on a yearly basis. The cost per year is very cheap around $50.

Siteground throws in extra perks like unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited data transfer, commission reports, email hosting, and free backups with their reseller plans. Buyers can brand the servers as they like. It even comes with tech support, so this is an excellent deal overall.

Setup, Speed, Uptime and Other Perks

Siteground may not be the cheapest hosting provider, but the company makes up for it with the various perks it offers. E-commerce minded buyers will benefit the most from these.

Siteground allows you to set up websites with e-commerce content management systems like Magento and CS-Cart. The Siteground control panel already has buttons installed for these platforms. As a result, setting up a business website with the provider is quite simple.

To make things even easier, Siteground has Weebly, a drag-and-drop site builder already installed. You can quickly add components to your site with this useful platform.

In addition to all of these, Siteground offers a number of security tools for website builders. You will be able to keep spam at bay with SpamAssassin or protect your hotlinks. There are a number of tools readily available for common malaises like spam, data theft, and malware.

On top of all this is a truly excellent uptime the provider can guarantee for Australian websites. As mentioned earlier, Siteground has a data centre in the Asia Pacific region, so your site’s visitors can download it faster.

Siteground offers 24/7 phone support to all customers without an additional fee. They have an online chat support service that connects you to real representatives, not bots.

Siteground Alternatives

One of their biggest competitors is Hostgator. Go here to read more about Hostgator Australia.

The truth is, Siteground is better in almost every aspect, than Hostgator.

Siteground Australia – Pros and Cons

Siteground is one of the best hosting providers for Australians largely thanks to the data centre they maintain close to the country. Local customers can rely on superior uptime and speed rates.

The provider offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Affordable shared and reseller hosting plans
  • Excellent Linux-based system support
  • A number of e-commerce tools are readily available
  • A solid selection of security tools
  • A data centre in the Asia Pacific region
  • 24/7 phone and live chat support

Siteground is not without its downsides, though:

  • No VPS hosting plans
  • No Windows-based server support of any kind
  • Some hosting plans are expensive

All things considered, Siteground is a wonderful option for Australian customers. The perks far outweigh the disadvantages, so Aussies can get their money’s worth.